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Cut Out Character Samples....

These cut out characters can be created as large as 8 foot high. They can be free standing, hung from a ceiling or stuck on a wall. We can use photographs, illustrations or cartoons. We have provided these characters for internal promotions in Google, Book launches with Veritas and used by a number of PR Companies and Event Management companies to promote their projects. From life sized people to oversized product cutouts.

full size cut out character for veritas

This cut out character is free standing and has a large area to promote a back to school promotion for Veritas Book publishers and book shop chain.


Full size cartoon cut out character for Resolving Bullying Book A cartoon character that is over 5ft high. A number of them where designed to promote the Resolving Books. The character is one of the children in the Resolving Anger Book. The promotional character also has images of the Resolving Bullying Book and the Resolving Sibling Rivalry Book.