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Corriboard Sign Samples....

Corriboard is a fantastic, robust and cheap material to use for your indoor and outdoor signage requirements. We design great images on our corriboard signage and our clients, based in Dublin and nationwide. They are very happy with the results. Although most of our clients are companies based in Dublin we do provide our Corriboard Design service for companies any where in Ireland.

corriboard sign sample msl 1
Large format corriboard signage for Mercedes-Benz MSL Ballsbridge.
This sign is 8 ft high and 20 ft long.
corriboard large sign sample msl
Large format corriboard signage for VW MSL Ballsbridge.
This sign is 8 ft high and 32 ft long.
bmw corriboard sign sample
This corriboard sign was designed to go onto a mobile trailer sign.
corriboard sign sample bug world
This 8ft x 20ft vibrant coloured display panels was used to promote Bug World at a world Holiday Trade Fair.
display panel samples
A number of individual panels designed to show Kilsaran Lifestyles product range. The panels are light weight, not expensive buy and the high quality photos look great at this very large size.